MIDIPLUS Studio 2 2IN 2OUT 24BIT 192K High Reference Audio Interface

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      The MIDIPLUS Studio 2 is a 2-in 2-out audio interface with high quality preamp and 24-bit/96 kHz sampling. It has 48V phantom power and supports USB power input. Supported data transmission speed is of USB 2.0 standard (3.0 supported). Studio 2 has a sleek design with direct monitor control, volume level indication LED, and an elegant, robust chassis. It works perfectly with Mac and Windows operating systems.


Product Features


·         Two high quality preamp featuring XLR/TRS hybrid interface.

·         2 parallel 6.35mm Line Out

·         Stereo Headphone Output with Gain Controllable

·         48V Phantom Power

·         M-Remote Input

·         High Impedance Mode to support guitars

·         Instrument Input / Line Input Switchable

·         Stereo / Mono Switchable

·         Direct Monitor Control

·         Line Output Control

·         24 Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA

·         High speed USB 2.0 Power Input, compatible with PC and Mac Systems.  No additional power supply needed. 

·         Two colorful LED indicator lights for gain or cut-off for the input signal, reflecting the range of the input signal in real time. 

·         Volume for monitor headphone and main output can be adjusted independently.

·         No delay between hardware monitor input and output signal.

·         Supports MAC OS/X Lion and Windows

·         Accessories:  USB cable, Owner’s Manual, and Information Card


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