About Kuppmen Music

I’ve seen the future, and it’s carbon fiber.


My name is Wouter Menken. I‘m a drummer with over 30 years’ experience; and on the side, I’m an entrepreneur. In January 2015 my life changed completely when I went searching for the people behind the ‘forgotten company’ Carbostick.


My drumming career has spanned venues from pubs to theatres and from festivals to pop venues. For the more intimate venues, I’ve long preferred using wooden drumrods; they’re quieter, which is good news for both me and the band. The only disadvantage, I’ve found, is their flimsiness. That’s why I changed from wooden to carbon rods. They’re practically indestructible.


Carbo-Rods were made by a company called Carbostick, who also made carbon sticks. I’d known about them for years, but I never played with them. I’d heard that they could damage your cymbals and cause injuries. And they were black. Not cool.


Then by chance, I ended up with a set of Carbosticks. And what do you know? They were a revelation. The control and rebound were every bit as good as my wooden sticks. They sounded clear on the cymbals and the risk of injury turned out to be a myth. I even started to find the black color quite cool. Plus, wooden drumsticks usually lasted me about 4 hours; the Carbosticks over 40. I was a convert!


Everything was great until January 2014 – when Carbosticks and Carbo-Rods suddenly disappeared from stores. I just didn’t understand it. Why were such great sticks no longer being sold?


After a long search, I discovered the name of the man who invented Carbosticks and Carbo-Rods. Peter Kuppers, residing in eastern Bavaria, turned out to be someone with brilliant ideas, golden hands and an enormous love of drums. His sticks and rods had been hugely successful in the drumstick market for many years. But in 2013, he’d been forced to close his company for personal reasons.


When I met Peter, we discovered that we had the same ideas about music and

drumming. Peter was enthusiastic about putting his sticks back on the market. So we decided to do this together under the name Kuppmen (Kuppers and Menken) Music.


Not only have the sticks gained a new name – they have been further developed technically, and now better meet our requirements. We’ve also set up an entirely new website with an online shop. Our sticks are now ready for you to order and use.


My wish is that drummers all over the world will start playing with our Carbon Fiber Drumsticks and Carbon Fiber Drumrods, because I know just how much drumming pleasure they provide. They were a revelation for me and I’m confident they will be for you – whatever your style.


Best drum wishes,

Wouter Menken