MIDIPLUS 5 Pin MIDI DIN Cable Male to Male - 1.8 Meters Black

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               MIDIPLUS 5 Pin MIDI DIN Cable Male to Male

                                         1.8 Meters Black



Product Features

·         This 5 pin DIN male to male cable is the standard MIDI cable to connect MIDI keyboard controllers, electronic music equipment, electronic drums, and other instruments to communicate midi signals.

·         HIGH QUALITY WIRE: Multi-layer protection design, stability of input signal without delay, enabling you to enjoy fast and stable data transmission.

·         WIDELY COMPATIBLE:  Midi keyboards, synthesizers, digital pianos, DJ Controllers, samplers, effect pads, you name it!  Interconnect all your midi equipment with ease!



Product Specifications

Cable Length:                                    1.8 meters

Color:                                                    Black

Compatible Devices:                       Midi equipment, MIDI Keyboards, MIDI Compliant Keyboards,

Sound Modules, Synthesizers, Digital Pianos

Connector Gender:                         Male-to-Male

Connector Type:                               5 Pin DIN


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